Ultimate Guide To Nailing Microsoft AZ-900 Through Relevant Training Courses And Practice Tests


The Microsoft AZ-900 is your gateway to Azure proficiency. This certification path opens up other advanced-level designations, hence its popularity among specialists who want to carve a successful Azure career. Through this exam, you acquire in-depth knowledge of the key features and functions surrounding the cloud, as well as the relevant Azure solutions. And if you plan to dive deep into cloud-based services by procuring its affiliated Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certificate, take into account the steps and tips below http://www.certbolt.com :

  • Start with the exam skills outline

This document serves as a preliminary tool used when preparing for the official evaluation. It covers all the important details about the AZ-900, from its target audience to core objectives. In general, there are six major areas that envelop the test, starting with cloud concepts (20% to 25%) and fundamental Azure services (15% to 20%). Subsequently, it addresses areas such as Azure solutions and management tools (10% to 15%), together with security aspects and network security functions (10% to 15%). The last two topics entail the identity, compliance, governance, and privacy (20% to 25%) as well as the SLA and cost management features of Azure (10% to 15%).

  • Maximize the free learning paths

After familiarizing yourself with the significant sections of such an exam, it’s time to put the effort into studying the relevant topics. Thus, by using the learning paths provided by Microsoft for free, you’ll get an extensive understanding of the six key sections mentioned earlier http://www.exam-labs.com .

  • Develop your skills further with the official training course
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If you want to solidify your knowledge about cloud and Azure concepts, don’t miss the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course coded AZ-900T01-A. This 1-day training focuses on comprehensive lectures and demonstrations so you thoroughly grasp the requirements of the main exam. More so, the discussions are supervised by an instructor so you can conveniently acquire new insights and ask questions about the tested topics.

  • Get support from other platforms

Upon completion of the official resources for the AZ-900, you can now move to other sources. Books, online classes, and video tutorials can provide you with valuable discussions to harness your learning even more. Amazon, in particular, is such a great platform in terms of relevant books and guides. Or you might want to watch noteworthy video courses from YouTube to diversify your intellect. However, be mindful to choose only those accurate and reliable materials to guarantee your success. Or else, you might end up falling short of success and also with an empty pocket.

  • Avail of the official practice test and others available on trustworthy portals

To finalize your training, evaluate your skills through the practice exam also offered by Microsoft. This tool gives you an idea of how you will do during your main evaluation so you can still make necessary preparations. However, it’s best that you answer many practice tests to get a solid command of the topics measured. Thus, you should find some dependable resources for as many practice tests as can be because if you truly grasp the concepts from one source, you can link pieces of information together to get coherent knowledge.

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From the official training materials to different practice tests, you have all the needed materials to clinch the real Microsoft AZ-900 exam. So, do your homework and study for a test like this diligently. And before the big day, avoid cramming and make sure you have understood every single concept.


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